Warranty and After Sales Care & Services

We assure you that our efforts will always be directed towards offering uncompromising product quality, service and support.

We supply air conditioning equipment for all types of applications. Our projects include towers, hotels, commercial and residential buildings. Schools and villas.

Degrees Plus General Trading’s customers are provided with the following services and support:

  1. Proposal & Design
    Team of engineers, work closely with manufacturers, to provide detailed proposals and presentations showing you how we can best meet your heating and/or cooling system needs.
  2. Warranty & After Sales Service
    All Air conditioning unit purchases are issued with a warranty. In the event of operating problems with units, our warranty engineers are available to troubleshoot, advising what the problem may be and how best to resolve it. In the event that the problem is due to defective parts or bad workmanship, within a period of twelve months from the date of commissioning or eighteen months from the point of delivery, we may arrange a repair or replacement parts, if covered by the conditions in the warranty.
    Should you wish to view our Warranty Policy, please contact [email protected]
  3. Maintenance Service:
    An optional, tailor-made maintenance service can be included with your air conditioning purchases